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Mission Statement

This working group’s research focuses upon the history, theory, aesthetics and practice of scenography through a specific program of meetings, presentations and publication. The group also aims to nurture and develop new contributions to practice-led research by providing opportunities for scenographers and designers to discuss their work and exchange ideas in an international academic forum. Our research investigates scenic elements, costume, make-up, sound design, lighting design, masks, puppets and objects, and considers their proxemic relationship to performers and audiences in traditional and non-traditional spaces. Such research considers both contemporary practice and influences of scenic practices upon subsequent theatre developments. Through theme-specific paper presentations, we aim to develop opportunities for a two-tier publishing program (web and print) and an aesthetic/theoretical/philosophical investigation that is both distinct from and inclusive of technological developments for performance.

Who are we?

The current formulation of the SWG follows from meetings at the 2006 Helsinki World Congress. Please see the IFTR website for more information.

Scholars and practitioners interested in participating in this working group of the IFTR are encouraged to contact us and apply for membership in the IFTR. Please see the IFTR website and the Cambridge Journals Online website that manages the membership.

This site includes a members’ area protected by password available to members upon request. Documents and files associated with the operation of the Working Group are available here, as well as an internal message posting board that will be used until the IFTR forums are operational.

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