current projects

Work Plan

A period of increasing globalization has led to the re-definition of regional and national identities; new research in scenography must examine these critical discourses of regional and local responses to these extra-national forces.

Our research during the next four years will include:

• examination of regional identity construction and transmission through scenographic practice and research
• dissemination of methodologies of scenographic practice: e.g., metaphoric, poetic, political, spatial and linguistic
• exploration and development of theories and methodologies to articulate scenographic discourses in the performance event
• potential collaborations with Scenography International, the History and Theory Commission of OISTAT and the IFTR Theatre Architecture Working Group


The publishing program includes/has included:

• participation in the advisory board for the Scenography Reader (Routledge)
• selected papers of the yearly conference program prepared for e-distribution
• proposed volume from 2011, provisionally entitled Scenography: Staging the Nation
• We continue plans to conclude the publishing collaboration with the Theatre Institute in Prague, the University of Lodz (PL) and Brock University (CA). The edited conference proceedings of the 2007 Prague meeting are expected to be published under the title The New Space of Authenticity in 2013, following our conference collaboration with the PQ11.

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